We may not have it all together but together we have it all

Monday, September 14, 2009

I need a nanny!

I have come to the decision that I really could use a nanny! Not one to clean and stuff, just to watch the kids because I am getting tired of taking more than one to the Dr, too much work!

Ben is feeling better, he goes for a hearing test next week and then his speech evaluation in two weeks. Still doing breathing treatments but those end this week and then back to the Dr. on Friday.

Elisabeth is such a cutie fatty patty! She isn't digging cereal but she'll get there in due time. She is starting to sit up while being held or in her chair and trying to get on her knees while on her tummy. I can't believe how fast time has flown with her, crazy!

Emily is Emily, dealing with an infected earring hole at the moment. She spent the weekend at Heather's which was a nice break. We missed her but boy does not having just one child around make things seem a little easier. Bradley had no one to fight with so it was somewhat quite in the house. She is my baby girl and I love her dramatic self to pieces!

Bradley starts on his hockey team tomorrow night, games will be starting in October so I will be sure to keep you guys posted on that. He is doing his reading right after school now, we still fight about it but not as much. He will get his reading tested this week and then they will figure out what level books he should be reading to meet his AR goal.

As for Dave and I, we are getting ready for Disney! I am excited and a nervous wreck all at once. I don't know how to check in at the airport, I don't know how to pack the baby's formula and I don't know how they will act. I have a fear of it being a nightmare but will pray for the best.

That's all I got for now.........

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a champ!

Just a little update on Ben, he is doing his breathing treatments like a champ! So proud of him & thankful that he is making life a little easier. Still is breathing heavy but hopefully soon that will go away!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whatta Day :(

After a lovely morning of fighting with Bradley and getting Emily on the bus at noon, I had to take Ben for his check-up. Remember I said yesterday that he wasn't feeling good, so when the Dr. comes into the room she asked right away "how long has he been doing that?" Meaning, his breathing so hard and wheezing, so I said just yesterday afternoon it started. We start going over the 18 month evaluation form (more on that later) and she stops talking and says, " I need to listen to his lungs, I can't go on with him sounding like that." Needless to say she made me very nervous but it is OK. She listens and says that whatever he has, has gone to his lungs so he needs a breathing treatment, GREAT! The nurse comes in and leaves me with the machine and a sucker to try and get him to sit still so the stuff can blow in his face, yeah easier said than done. He is screaming and making me all sticky with his sucker while Elisabeth is in her car seat having a meltdown because she wants a shaky shaky. Finally after 5 minutes the treatment is done and the Dr comes back to listen again. He sounded better but not great so she sends me home with the machine to do treatments every 4-6 hours & steriods every 12 hours till Thursday when we go back again. I drop his prescription off, take them home and go back to get it. Well they tell me that my prescription card is expired!!! I said well we don't get new ones so I don't know what that means, he tried calling the place while trying to use Dave's SS# which thankfully worked otherwise it would have been $400 for his meds!!!!!!!!!! I still had to pay $52, but that is way better than $400. And the kicker of it is that I will only use 4 vials of the steroid and maybe 10 of other thing and have a total of 100 vials of meds that will go to waste???? Doesn't make sense right!

On with the 18 month evaluation. We all know he doesn't talk but aren't too concerned about it, so she said she will have his speech evaluated, fine whatever. However he lacks in Personal Social skills?!? The questions I had to answer were like this......

1) Does he try and give himself a toy while looking in the mirror at himself? Uh no because we do not have any mirrors that he can play in front of.

2) Does he bring you a toy he needs help with like a wind up toy? No that I can recall

3) Does he pick up a glass, drink from it and then put it down again with spilling very little? What are you kidding me, he is 18 months old, I do not give him a glass of water to drink from, only if it is in a sippy cup.

4) Does he copy what I am doing, i.e. wipe up a spill, shave, comb hair? Yes, my 18 month old is great at wiping up the water he has spilled while drinking from a cup/glass.

5) Does he get your attention by pulling your hand or clothes to help him with something? Nope again.

So I get home and take the mirror down to see if he plays with himself (LOL sounds so funny) and he does, he gave himself a kiss, a little smack and hit the mirror with his car. He also drank from a cup but got to much water in his mouth which he then let fall out of his mouth but did put the cup back down without spilling very little, do you think that counts? He also copied Emily while she was raking leaves in the front yard. The rake was upside down but he did the motion so that should count as well right? I did show him a toy that plays music and then turned it off but he didn't bring it back to me to help so who knows on that one. And he still hasn't pulled me by my hand for help, I'll keep a mental note on this one.

He did grow 2 inches & gain a pound. He is now 31 1/2 inches and 21 lbs!

I will keep you posted on his health! Good Night :)

How do you know if you are doing a good job?

After the way my morning started off, I often wonder if I am doing a good enough job! I sent Bradley off to school in a bad mood because I made him read since he had a meltdown last night doing it and was sent to bed. So this morning I made him read instead of watching TV. Well you would have thought I told him I was going to cut his arm off and make him eat it for breakfast and then it went downhill from there. There was screaming and crying yet again over reading a book and I can't handle that anymore, I want to crawl back into bed and wake up and start the day over.

So how do you know you are doing a good job? If you send your child off to school sad and your sad, does that mean you have failed on this particular day?

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm going to try it out......

Melissa has inspired me to try a shot at this blogging thing, since I love reading hers. I can't guarantee that I will be good with the updated posts but I will try my hardest to keep up with it.

After a long weekend, I am looking forward to Dave going back to work and the kids back to school. Don't get me wrong, I normally love when Dave is home from work but Benjamin hasn't been feeling well so has been attached to Dave more than usual which can drive him crazy after a while. Which then drives me crazy and so on and so forth. They are were all asleep by 7:30 so I am finally enjoying some peace and quite. Luckily we go to the Dr tomorrow for Ben's 18 month check-up so if he needs any meds he can get them tomorrow. Fingers crossed he starts to feel better soon, because we need a full night sleep in this house!

My baby girl had her first try of rice cereal tonight but wasn't too fond of it. I love the faces they make when they try something new for the first time, they are classic. She is getting so big and before we know it will be crawling around the house. Now she just needs to grow some hair and it will be all good :)

Bradley has started hockey again, this weekend is evaluations and then practices and games start up. He seems to like school but getting him to read at home is like pulling teeth, so frustrating. If anyone has ideas on good 2nd grade books, please share!

Emily is loving school and riding the school bus! Looking for a gymnastics class to sign her up for since she didn't care for ice skating too much. Other than that she is wonderful when she wants to be and can drive you up the wall when she wants too.

Well off to finish my profile and add some pics. Until next time.......