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Friday, September 6, 2013

Children's Memorial Radiothon with the Mix

Every year I listen to the Children's Memorial Hospital Radioathon on the Mix.  And each year, I spend the day thinking about the three little angels who left our lives to early but were given the very best care while they were there.

I will start off with the oldest angel, my brother Bradley.  I don't know much about his short life, three days I believe but I know he was taken to Children's after he was born.  He would have been a year older than me and the only son born to my Mom & Dad, but for some reason he was called back up and given his wings.  I think often about how it would be if he were here, how totally awesome of an Uncle he would have been to our kids. My Bradley is named after him and I like to think that maybe he is the kind of kid he would have been, a great one! One day I will meet my big brother.....

The second angel, is my beautiful niece Olivia Catherine Honaker.  She was not my niece by blood, but by the friendship with a girl who I love like my sister and who knows me better than my sisters.  Olivia had big beautiful brown eyes, chubby little cheeks and a smile that could light up a room.  She was a beautiful daughter and little sister to an amazing family.  She was born on October 1, 2003 and in December of 2003 was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Olivia fought one heck of a battle with a smile always on her sweet face. Sadly she was called up on July 10, 2004 and given her wings.  I often think what kind of child she would be and what would she look like.  Well because her three younger sisters look just like she did when she was born, I have an idea of how she would look and because her older sister is a pretty awesome kid, I have an idea of how she would be.  One day I will see her again.......

 Olivia and big sister Maddy
 Olivia Catherine
The third is my beautiful niece Annika Carrell Briscoe.  She is the beautiful daughter of my oldest sister Heather and her husband Joe.  She is also the baby sister to my beautiful niece Candice.  Annika was born on September 26, 2005.  She was ready to come into the world much before her due date in December.  Annika had several health issues which I believe were due to her early birth and some other things.  She also was a fighter and fought a great battle, but her little body was too sick.  Sadly on December 1, 2005 she was called back up and got her wings.  I think of her often as well, how she would fit perfectly in this wild bunch of kids we have in our family.  How she would be so loved by her parents and big sister. She would no doubt be beautiful like her sister and probably a little spoiled cause she is the baby.  One day I will see her again.....
 Annika Carrell Briscoe

As I listen each year to the parents of these children talk, I am amazed by their strength.  I am proud of my mom, sister and best friend that after what they went through, they were able to get up the next day and continue to live a beautiful life.  These women are the strongest I know and I hope if ever I need to be strong, I can be as strong as them.  It makes you sit back and think, gosh that fight I had with my child is a blessing.  Every moment of everyday I have with them is a blessing.

I thank God for giving us our three angels if only for a short time.  Because of them we have learned that life is short, not everyday is a guarantee but most of all that we have three beautiful little souls up their watching over us.  A brother and two sisters who watch their siblings from above, that are that soft wind the blows their hair, or that voice that encourages them to do their best.  That warm fuzzy feeling you get when something good happens and the calm they feel when they are upset.  They will always have someone watching their backs if ever they feel alone.

To all you wonderful doctors, nurse's and support staff at Children's Memorial Hospital, thank you for caring for my angels and for all the other children that need your help!