We may not have it all together but together we have it all

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day 💐

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful moms whom I'm blessed to have in my life.  This day is only one of many, that your value of a mom, shines through.  Each day you can look into your child's eyes and see pure true love, is Mother's Day.  Their triumphs and disappointments, their laugh and tears, their caring and disrespect are all moments when being a mom, is truer than true.  Because of the mom you are, your little loves are learning, growing and becoming their beautiful selfs and that is an everyday praise of us moms. 

I'm going to start with my mom, Candice.  She raised 5 beautiful amazing women on her own.  Yes my dad was always in our lives and a huge part, but she had us 24/7, 365 and that is hard work.  She is strong, loving and a great MorMor.  There is so much of my mothering that came from her, not the tough part but the times I hear myself say, "don't say hate", "we don't say shut up" and the most important thing she said to me, "never go to bed angry".  These things are so prevalent in my life and hopefully in my kids.  The love she puts into every thing she makes us, these are things that mean the most.  We were never rich, never had the best of the best, but I also don't recall wanting for anything ever.  I love you mom more than you'll ever know.  Thank you for teaching me that being kind to others is the most important thing in life.  Happy Mother's Day 🌷

Now onto two of the most amazing, wonderful, angels in my life, my Grandmothers.  The saying, " God created Angels", was thought of because of these two.  Their faith inspires you, their love carries you and to be able to have them in your life, is a true blessing from above.  Having a large family on both sides, they still make you feel as if your the only one.  I get very emotional when I try and put my feelings for them in words, because there truly are no words.  They are truly the reason for who I am.  The memories I have with them, will carry me through my lifetime.  I am so lucky that my children are able to grow up with these two women in their lives.  Happy Mother's Day Grandma Joy and Grandma Martha 🌷

My sisters are up next.  For those of you who know us, you know the Carrell girls stick together.  Never in my life have they not been there if I needed them.  My best friends from the start and my rocks.  All wonderful mommy's and all another example to follow.  Life wouldn't have been as wonderful, without them in it.  Happy Mother's Day, Heather, Holly, Heidi and Hillary, I love you 🌷

My Aunt Gay is another huge reason for the mom I am today.  I spent pretty much half of my young life at her house it seems.  When you think of that mom who goes above and beyond for her children, you would think of her.  Some of the most important parts of being a mom, I learned from her.  My sisters and I didn't play sports or in shows at school, but my cousins did and she was there for almost all.  She us their biggest cheerleader and I learned from watching her, how important that is for my kids.  One the occasion I wake my kiddos up with a song, I think of her.  When I'm staying up late at night to finish a school project or costume, I think of her.  She will never truly know how much is has impacted my life and I can assure you, I wouldn't be who I am today without having her to watch growing up.  Happy Mother's Day Aunt Gay, I love you 🌷

To all the other amazing, wonderful and beautiful mom's I can call my friends.  Each one of you are a true reflection of what being a mom is.  Your strong, loving, involved and caring women, who's kids are lucky to have you. I love you all and am blessed to have you in my life.  Happy Mother's Day to you 🌷

And finally to my beautiful little loves, my BEBE, I am blessed beyond measure to be your mom.  The day each of you were born, was truly the greatest day of my life.  Your hugs, notes, kisses and love get me through everyday.  Do we have rough days, of course but the great out weigh the rough.  I'm tough on you but it because I love you.  I want you to grow up to be the best you, you can be.  I want all I've learned from the amazing ladies in my life, to instill in you.  If there is ever a doubt of my love for you, just know that my life wouldn't be as wonderful without you in it.  Your my every breath, my heart and soul. Thank you for making me your mommy!

No one can understand the hard work being a mom is but a mom.  When your kids hurt, you hurt.  When their happy your happy.  So on this Mother's Day, let them spoil you, let them love on you a little more and know that this is our day for praise, but we know, everyday we have with our children is Mother's Day!