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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not ready for them to grow up!

Benjamin 1 1/2

Elisabeth 8 months

Bradley 7

Emily 5

Even though they are only 7, 5, almost 2 & 1, I feel like my babies are growing up so fast and I miss them already. I knew we were done after Elisabeth but I didn't realize how sad I would feel getting rid of all the baby stuff. For the past eight years, raising babies and being a mom is all I have known and it makes me so sad to think they won't need me as much soon. So even on the days they drive me crazy, I am going to cherish every moment with them because before I know it they will be all grown up!

To Bradley, Emily, Benjamin and Elisabeth,
Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back! We thank God he choose us to be your parents and we are the luckiest people in the world to have you as our children. We love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turning a new leaf

Dave and I were talking last night and I said that I am going to turn a new leaf this year and learn to be more thankful.

I need to be thankful that I have a home for my family to live in, that is clean, big and filled with love, who cares if the floors are old and the bath & kitchen are outdated.

I need to be thankful that Dave has a job that pays the bills and lets the kids do fun things like hockey and cheerleading. Who cares if I can't go out and buy new clothes, stuff for the house and whatever else I want.

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I need to be thankful for our health, life is precious and I am thankful we have ours.

Another thing I learned last night was that I need to give Bradley and Emily more time. They kind of get the short end of the stick because they are older and can help themselves more than the Benjamin and Elisabeth can. But they are still kids and need their mommy & daddy just as much as the babies do. I love all my children with all my heart and need to do a better job showing them that love.

I also need to learn that yelling isn't always the best way to slove the problem. This is a huge issue I have, I am a yeller. After yelling at Bradley last night and sending him to his room, I went to talk to him because I didn't want him to be upset. My little guy is more sensitive than he likes to show but his feelings are real and I need to know that even though I think it isn't a big deal to yell, it is to him. He is 7 and pushing his limits but still needs to know that we love him even when you get angry with him.

It is all easier said than done. You know deep down you are thankful for all you have but in reality you always feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. So this New Year, I promise to be more thankful so my kids grow up to be thankful for all they have as well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back To School :)

Although I am sad the holidays are over, I am jumping for joy that Bradley and Emily are back to school! It has been a long week with me not feeling well and it being so cold outside, the kids were bouncing off the walls. I have Ben and Elisabeth down for a nap and now I enjoy a few hours (fingers crossed) to myself.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas season we had this year!

The fun started with Cookie Day hosted by Sunni. We made lots of yummy cookies, ate lots of yummy food, shared many laughs, all while the kids played.

On December 13th, we had the Carrell Family Christmas at Aunt Kathy's. It is always nice to spend time with my Aunts & Uncles from that side because we do not do it often. Luckily, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Fred are nice to host Grandma Martha's birthday every year so it is another oppurtunity to see each other and Grandma Martha & Bob of course.

On December 19th, we had my Mom, Gary, Sisters and Families over at our house to celebrate Christmas. I was very nervous having to cook for them, I cook for my family every night but they have no choice but to like it! :) The night was very relaxed, food was great and the kids have a great time. I love being part of a big family!

On Christmas Eve, we spent the evening at Aunt Gay's house. She and Uncle Paul make WONDERFUL food, but the best is being with Grandma Joy, Aunts & Uncles and all of the cousins. This night is one of the most memorable times of my childhood and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful family that keeps those memories alive so my children will have them as well. All of the kids sat in the living room listening to the story of Christmas & singing Christmas Carols as Grandma Joy played the piano, patiently awaiting the arrival of Santa. Santa came and he was awesome, the kids look forward to seeing him every year! The only thing missing on that night was our family out in AZ & Scott in Denver, but we have hope that they will come back for Christmas real soon! (Hint Hint Jen! )

Christmas morning was an early morning in the Hemmer house. Bradley was up at 5:30am taking stock of all the gifts Santa left for him before coming into the family room by me. I was up because I do not want to miss the look on their faces when they come down the stairs and see under the tree. I had to stall him for a little bit so the rest of the family could sleep, but by 6:00am we were both ready to open so we woke them up. Emily wasn't too happy about that but once Bradley told her, "Emmy Santa came and there are like a thousand presents" she got out of bed real fast. I could watch my kids open presents all day long because they get so excited and are so amazed at how Santa could bring them what they wanted.

Sadly it is now January 1st and the holidays are over. I love Christmas time so much and get sad every year when it passes. I thank God every night for my family & friends because without them Christmas wouldn't be as wonderful as it is every year!

Welcome 2010!

I have to thank my cousin Jennifer who lives in AZ for inspiring me to start writing on my blog again. It was so wonderful to read hers and hear how they spent their holidays since we are so far away and haven't shared Christmas together in almost six years.

Melissa is wonderful with keeping up with hers and I love to see the pictures of Madison and all the fun stuff they are doing.

So my New Year's resolution will be to keep this going, well for a couple of weeks at least :)